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Want Healthy Calves?
Give Them Seconds.
Research suggests that a 2L Second Feeding of colostrum, within 8 - 12 hours of birth, may result in improved health and lifetime production benefits for the calf.
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The Cost of Feeding Your Calves Pasteurized Milk…
…is just a Drop in the Bucket
…Compared to the BENEFITS it produces:
• Better Health
• Better Calves
• Better Production
Give'em the
GOOD Stuff!
Try Oxford Ag’s Electrolyte and Colostrum products in the Perfect Udder® Feeding System and you will never tear the top off of another foil pouch again.
It's Simple… Just FILL, SHAKE & FEED, then skip the clean up.
Legendary Craftsmanship
Now available in a Perfect Udder® Pasteurization System!
Milkplan Farming Technologies has added the Proven Pasteurization Technology of Dairy Tech, Incorporated to produce the Perfect Udder® CombiWagon…
Proven Pasteurization
…specifically designed to pasteurize fresh colostrum and milk for your calves.
Perfect Udder® Bags
Now Available in 3 Sizes…

Pasteurization Systems that Actually Work.

Give your wet calves a head start on success by improving the nutrition they receive in the very first hour of life, through weaning, using verified protocols for efficient handling and effective pasteurization of colostrum and milk with equipment that has been scientifically proven to actually work.

  • Pasteurize Colostrum & Milk

    Perfect Udder® Pasteurizers by Dairy Tech, Inc. have been used in nearly every university study and field trial in the United States involving waste milk and maternal colostrum. Our systems improve herd bio-security by pasteurizing both Colostrum AND Milk.

    Colostrum Only Pateurizers Learn More
    Colostrum & Milk Pasteurizers Learn More
  • Store & Feed

    The Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management System eliminates known bio-security hazards, reduces labor and improves the calf’s 1st nutritional meal.

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    • Pasteurize, Store, Warm, and Feed Colostrum in a Single use 2, 3 or 4 Liter bag.
    • Single use bags eliminate clean-up and risk of contamination in any farm condition.
  • Warm

    Our Perfect Udder® Colostrum Bag Warmer brings refrigerated or frozen colostrum up to the perfect feeding temperature quickly and with no damage to the valuable IgG.

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    • Works with Perfect Udder® 2, 3 and 4 Liter bags

  • Best Practices for Proper Colostrum Management

    Maternal colostrum provides the main source of immunoglobulins (Ig), important nutrients and growth factors for the newborn calf. If the calf fails to absorb enough immunoglobulins into its blood within the first 24 hours of life, we call this Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT). These calves are susceptible to more infections and life-long diseases than calves with Good Passive Transfer.

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