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Spend less time and money on your calves and develop a healthier adult with greater milk production.

Grow healthy dairy calves with our calf milk pasteurizers and colostrum management systems.

Wet calves - birth to weaning - is all we do, and we understand the challenges of getting their first feeding right.
The Dairy Tech Inc.® line of products are designed to simplify and streamline this process from calf milk collection to calf milk pasteurization to re-warming calf milk on-time for your just born calves. Discover how our calf milk pasteurizers can help you create a stronger, healthier herd. Calf feeding and calf nutrition are vital for a healthy calf. Our calf milk pasteurizers and colostrum management systems can protect the nutritious content of the calf’s first meal.

1. Collect

It’s time to change your outdated protocols. Eliminate known bio-security hazards, reduce labor and improve the calf’s 1st nutritional meal.

The Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management system does it all with affordable, single use calf milk containers. Your staff will appreciate the difference, and so will that calf!

  • Pasteurize, refrigerate/freeze, quickly reheat, and feed calf milk.
  • Single use bags eliminate clean-up and risk of contamination in any farm condition.
  • 3 quart or 4 quart bags. Each 50 pc. kit includes new nipples and e-tubes.
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Colostrum Bags and Perfect Udder Kit

2. Pasteurize...

...with our calf milk pasteurizer of choice by universities since 1999.

Wet calves - birth to weaning - is our only business. Our pasteurizers are designed by our innovative founder, Richard Dumm, DVM, a dedicated Bovine Veterinarian.

Our calf milk pasteurizers are the easiest to use, perform well, and are built to last.

  • Pasteurize waste milk or colostrum directly in the stainless steel tank or in Perfect Udder bags.
  • Cycle profiles begin automatically and alert you when finished.
  • Disease causing pathogens are destroyed and precious IgG is protected.
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Calf Milk Pasteurizer machine

3. Rapidly Re-Warm

MilkWorks rapidly re-warms colostrum while protecting colostrum.

Your calf's first meal is served on time, every time, at the perfect temperature.

Bathing frozen bottles of colostrum in buckets of 180° water is time consuming, kills precious IgG and results in a calf's first meal served at the wrong temperature or too late.

  • MilkWorks® Silver model reheats refrigerated or frozen colostrum.
  • Works with Perfect Udder® 3 and 4 quart bags as well as 2 quart bottles.
  • MilkWorks® Gold model also heat-treats colostrum using Perfect Udder® bags.
  • *Picture shows the Silver model with optional leg kit.
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MilkWorks calf milk colostrum pasteurization