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We have put together several resources to support you in the use of our products. See below for instructional videos and electronic versions of various instructional manuals.

If you can not find what you are looking for here, please contact customer support via our Contact Us page.


Savings Calculator

Use this informational tool created by Penn State University to see how using our Pasteurization System pays you big dividends.

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Dairy Tech Pasteurizers

Matilda Colostrum Pasteurizer and Warmer

Instruction Manual

Combi Pasteurizers (For ALL Current 10G, 30G & 60G units)

Instruction Manuals

Platinum Series Pasteurizers

Instruction Manuals

Discontinued Models

Instruction Manuals


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Pefect Udder Bag Pasteurizers & Bag Warmers

(Formerly known as MilkWorks® Gold & Silver)

Owner Manual