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Water Filtration System for Scale & Sediment

Price: $163.00

Protect your equipment from poor water quality with our complete Scale and Sediment water filltration system: includes mounting bracket, connections, wrench, sediment filter chamber with cartridge and softener chamber with cartridge.

For use with ALL Dairy Tech, Inc. Pasteurizers and Warmers including Matilda®

Poor water quality will have an adverse effect on heating elements longevity as well as the other components of this equipment that are in contact with water of poor quality.


  • Test a sample of water that will be used with the Dairy Tech equipment.
  • Install the water filtration/softener system
  • Allow water to flow through the system at a slow rate and collect a second sample after 1 minute of slow flow
  • Have a local water quality expert analyze both samples. Local experts will be able to tell you if your water quality will be detrimental to electric heating elements and other components of our system. They will also be able to tell you if the included Dairy Tech Inc Water Filtration/Softener System is NOT adequate for your needs. If so, then take steps to install a more adequate system.
  • If the starting water quality is acceptable, take additional samples at monthly intervals to help determine how often to replace the cartridges in your system
  • Replace cartridges if they are visibly dirty or if water flow is being compromised

WARNING: This system will not remove chemicals or disinfect water and is not intended for drinking water.

The intent of this water filtration/softener combination is provided to you as an aid when water quality may not be ideal.

  • Dairy Tech Inc is not responsible for your water quality and the effects that it may have on our equipment.
  • This water filtration/softener equipment will not be adequate to treat all bad water.
  • Because the quality of water can vary so drastically from farm to farm, Dairy Tech Inc cannot offer clear guidelines with regards to how often to change filter/softener cartridge. This information must be determined on each farm by utilizing local water experts and results of tests performed on your water. 

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