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Perfect Udder® Combi Pasteurizer 60G

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Perfect Udder® Combi Pasteruizer 60G
The Dairy Tech Inc.® Perfect Udder® Combi Pasteruizer 60G is a 60 Gallon fully automated colostrum and waste milk pasteurizer. Processing of the colostrum or milk is accomplished with a sophisticated set of controls that ensure proper temperatures and times for University proven results. The product is stirred continuously as it is heated and held for the appropriate amount of time. The machine will then automatically cool the colostrum or milk to the temperature desired. 
The Combi Pasteurizer 60G can heat, cool, and/or pasteurize up to 15 (fifteen) 4 Liter Perfect Udder® bags
Now including a Bag Guard with every machine!
Now with Stainless steel legs and counter tops !
Bio-security on the dairy will be strongly enhanced as the pasteurization removes the threat of spreading pathogenic bacteria and viruses through waste milk or colostrum.
The Combi Pasteurizer 60G kills these target pathogens while protecting the IgG:
• Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis  (Johne’s)
• Salmonella spp.
• Listeria monocytogenes
• Escherichia coli
• Campylobacter spp.
• Staphylococcus aureus


The Perfect Udder® Combi Pasteurizer 60G Features:

  • Uses only 8kw per batch
  • Fully assembled & ready to install by connecting to dryer outlet and cold water
  • Choose from 6 automated treatment profiles or customize to match your schedule
  • 2 language options to minimize staff confusion
  • Digital graph display with downloadable data to monitor equipment & staff performance
  • # 8  Stainless Steel tank (1 step below food grade)
  • Sanitary, quick release "gate" valve & special sampling/bag/bottle valve
  • No tubes or hidden areas to keep cleaning process simple & effective
  • Pasteurize or warm bagged colostrum in the Perfect Udder® Bag using the "Bag Guard" (included)
  • Easy to understand Owners Manual with simple trouble shooting processes


  • L: 35"   W: 35"  H: 58" 
  • Weight: 300lbs 
  • Feeds: 50-120 Calves 
  • Volume: 30-60 Gallons (colostrum or milk) 

Requires: 240vac 1P OR 3P, 50-60Hz, 50amp, Cold Water Connection

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