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Oxford Ag Electrolyte Premium Solution - Single Dose

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The most critical step towards recovery for a calf that is suffering from diarrhea and severe dehydration is timely rehydration with a quality electrolyte that will help it to re-balance its physiological pH to a normal range.

Oxford Ag Electrolyte Premium Solution has been formulated to meet the latest, most stringent recommendations by leading calf rehydration experts.
Many electrolyte products absorb moisture from the air, causing them to become solid and difficult to use in proper dosages. Oxford Ag Electrolyte is packaged in a Single-dose Perfect Udder® bag that is ready when you need it.

Just Fill it with warm water, Shake it to dissolve the Electrolyte, and Feed it. After the calf has consumed the entire contents, throw the disposable bag away.

No wasted time, no clean up.


1 easy-to-use, disposable esophageal feed tube

Electrolyte Premium Solution Guaranteed Analysis

Salt, Min 5.00% 5.0g
Salt, Max 6.00 % 6.0g
Sodium, Min 5.50 % 5.5g
Sodium, Max 6.50% 6.5g
Chloride, Min 4.50 % 4.5g
Potassium, Min 1.50 % 1.5g
Phosphorus, Min 0.10% 0.5g
Magnesium, Min 0.10% 0.1g
Bacillus subtilus 30 million CFU*/g  

*colony forming units