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Matilda® Colostrum Pasteurizer & Warmer

Price: $3,800.00

QUICK is nice, but ACCURACY is Everything.

Matilda® Delivers Both!

We all know the value of making sure the calf receives her first dose of colostrum within the first hour of her life. But colostrum management is so much more than how “quick” it can be heated. Feeding the wrong volume of inferior colostrum can be as bad as not feeding any colostrum at all.

It Starts with Right Volume at the Right Time
In order to be set up for success, a calf must receive at least 15% of its body weight in CLEAN COLOSTRUM; 10% in the first hour of life, 5% more 8-10 hours later.
Proper volume depends on the size of the calf. That’s why our Perfect Udder® bags come in 3 calf-specific sizes!

  • 4L for calves that weigh MORE than 30kg
  • 3L for calves that weigh LESS than 30kg
  • 2L for the second feeding of ALL calves

Matilda® is engineered to maximize the efficiency of our Perfect Udder® bags! She will pasteurize or warm up to 8 liters of colostrum quickly, but most importantly, correctly.

What does “Clean” mean?
It means pasteurized. Matilda® utilizes Dairy Tech’s proven pasteurization technology. Studies show that pasteurization is a key tool for control of pathogenic bacteria as well as improvement of beneficial bacteria…a double win!
Management and delivery of colostrum are critical. Matilda® simplifies the entire colostrum management process.

  • Pasteurize or Warm up to 8 Liters of Colostrum at a time utilizing Dairy Tech’s proven pasteurization technology
  • Works with All 3 Perfect Udder® Bag sizes to ensure the correct, calf-specific feeding volume
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Self-Diagnosis Technology for notification of repairs or system errors
  • Easy to operate with our multi-language controller
  • Molded ABS plastic body and sink
  • Operates on 200-240vac single phase or 200-400v 3 phase
  • 31in x 22in x 25in

Matilda® was designed for use on dairy farms to pasteurize (heat treat) maternal colostrum that is being fed back to the calves. It is not used for product intended for human consumption.
Colostrum is harvested from the cow after she calves. It is placed into Perfect Udder® bags (4L, 3L or 2L) and those bags are then placed into the water bath in Matilda®. She heats the bags to 60C and holds them there for 60 minutes to properly treat the product and eliminate harmful pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. She then cools down the product to either be fed immediately or stored in a freezer. If frozen, then Matilda® is used as a thawing/warming unit to prepare the feeding for a new calf. At half the price of any competitive product on the market, pasteurizing and warming your valuable colostrum has never been easier or more cost-effective.