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Cooling Tanks

Dairy Tech, Inc. is proud to offer Milkplan Cooling Tanks.

These tanks are fully compliant with the standards and regulations set by the European Union and United States

These milk cooling tanks are manufactured by Milkplan with food grade materials and follow the European and American standards ISO5708 / EΝ13732 / 3A. This way cooling takes place in the right time, so as to avoid both the development of bacteria and the increase of milk acidity (pH). A gear reduction motor set to the appropriate RPM mixes the milk so as to ensure perfect homogenization of fats and uniform cooling of the whole amount of milk without foaming.

The design of these tanks provides a number of advantages for the milk production unit, such as:

  • space saving

  • easy transportation and installation

  • safe use

  • low power consumption

  • functional simplicity

  • easy maintenance.

01. 50L Cooling Tank

Price: $2,560.00

02. 100L Cooling Tank

Price: $2,800.00

03. 200L Cooling Tank

Price: $3,550.00

04. 300L cooling tank

Price: $4,266.00

05. 500L Cooling Tank

Price: $4,860.00

06. 650L Cooling Tank

Price: $5,450.00

07. 800L Cooling Tank

Price: $6,200.00

08. 1000L Cooling Tank

Price: $6,950.00