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Available January 2019!

Say "Hello" to,

the newest member of Dairy Tech’s Perfect Udder® herd. She is specifically engineered to maximize the efficiency of our Perfect Udder® bags using our proven protocols. At half the price of any competitive product on the market, pasteurizing and warming your valuable colostrum has never been easier or more cost effective.


Matilda will be available for purchase beginning in January, 2019.


Say Hello to Matilda

About Matilda™

  • She’s Petite: A modest 31in x 22in x 25in
  • She’s Easy to Handle: Her easy-to-use touch screen control makes operation simple. Select your program and she takes care of the rest…and she can do it in multiple languages.
  • She’s a Great Communicator: Bluetooth connectivity allows you to program from your phone and she delivers system information back the same way. 
  • She’s an Easy Keeper: Matilda’s Self-Diagnosis Technology monitors her motor, heating elements and other common components for notification of repairs or system errors available with remote monitoring from Dairy Tech
  • She Travels Well: Matilda™ ships via ground UPS or FedEx for fast delivery right to the door. Hook her up to water and power and she’s ready to go to work for you and your calves.
  • She Works Hard: Matilda™ can process up to 8L of colostrum at a time in Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management Bags.