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Welcome to the DairyTech, Inc.® Store. All of our product lines are available for purchase online.

If you are an International customer, find your local distributor here or contact us.

Perfect Udder Bags & Accessories

Pasteurize, refrigerate, freeze, warm & feed… all from the same bio-secure bag! Available in 3 Sizes: 4L, 3L & 2L


Pasteurizers & Warmers

These machines are designed to consistently and effectively pasteurize and warm colostrum and milk using scientifically proven protocols.


Calf Coats

Give your new born calves an extra layer of protection from bad weather with a high quality calf coat from Dairy Tech, Inc.


Calf Essentials

Potassium Sorbate, Electrolytes, Colostrum Supplements and Replacers, Refractometers and Colostrometers available here.


Replacement Parts

We stock a full line of replacement parts for our equipment and provide support with our factory trained service department.


Cooling Tanks

Milkplan’s milk cooling tanks are manufactured with food grade materials and follow the European and American standards ISO5708 / EΝ13732 / 3A.


Keep everything organized and within reach with the new Perfect Udder® WorkStation.