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Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management System bags and kits

Available in  2 Liters, 3 Liters and 4 Liters
The Perfect Udder® Colostrum Management System, developed by Dairy Tech, Inc., is the key to proper colostrum management on your dairy. The patented Perfect Udder® system is the key to closing all gaps in colostrum management protocols. This management tool was created so that dairymen can avoid the pitfalls of recontamination of quality colostrum, as well as provide a feeding system that eliminates the labor of cleaning along with the dangers of dirty vessels. These goals are accomplished with the uniquely designed metallic bag that is robust enough to handle 2-4 quarts of colostrum, yet refined enough to permit pasteurization within the bag. Refrigeration, freezing and thawing are all steps that occur within the clean confines of the singe use bag.  The Perfect Udder® system also provides all of the accessories to complete the job with little effort. Economy and Deluxe bag fillers provide a choice for getting raw product into the bag. The Bag Caddie turns the bag into a rigid, easily handled feeding system and the choice between calf friendly nipples or sturdy, easily placed esophageal feed tubes help round out the convenience of this product.

Easy colostrum management in Perfect Udder® bags:

  1. Collect Colostrum
  2. Heat-treat/pasteurize (at 140°F for 60 mins) colostrum in Perfect Udder® bags, or in a pasteurizer before filling bags
  3. Refrigerate or Freeze the Perfect Udder® bags filled with Pasteurized colostrum
  4. Warm the Colostrum in a Perfect Udder® pasteurizer or warmer
  5. Feed Colostrum by attaching a nipple or esophageal tube to the bag

...all-in-one Bio-secure, Easy-to-use, Economical bag.
Pasteurize right in the colostrum management bags. By using Dairy Tech, Inc. pasteurizers to pasteurize colostrum in conjunction with the Perfect Udder® Bags, we can greatly reduce the risk of spreading pathogens from the damm, or the environment, to the susceptible gut of the newborn calf.

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Bio-Secure Technology
  • The patented bag technology allows heat exchange for proper pasteurization.
  • Rapid cooling prevents growth of spoilage bacteria.
  • Every colostrum bag is single use: Clean and correct dose.
  • Colostrum management kits come with new nipples and tubes every time to further improve bio-security.
Colostrum management bags Saves Money
Save Time, Save Money
  • Faster Preparation, Virtually NO Cleanup
  • Improved Calf & Herd Health, Improved Milk Production
  • Reduces Calf Morbidity and Mortality
Colostrum Management Kit - Easy to use - Easy to cleanup
Easy use and Cleanup
  • Fill the bag, pasteurize it, cool it, warm it and then feed ... all from the bag.
  • Improve employee compliance by feeding one bag per calf, then discard without the worries of proper cleaning.
  • Thaws and warms 4X faster than regular bottles, increasing the chance to get colostrum into newborn calves in a timely manner.
The Perfect Udder Colostrum Management kit comes with 50 4, 3, or 2 Liter Bags, Nipples and Feeding Tubes.