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Feeding Colostrum with an Esophageal Feeder Does Not Reduce Immunoglobulin G absorbtion in Neonatal Dairy Heifer Calves


Newborn Heifer calves were studied to compare total serum protein and IgG concentrations and apparent efficiency of absorbtion when colostrum was fed by nipple bottle or esophageal feeder. All calves recieved a total dose of 285 g of IgG. The results showed no differences between treatments when examining IgG concentration, total serum protein concentration or AEA and all treatments provided successful passive transfer of immunity.  These results confirm that esophogeal feeders can be used to administer up to 3.8 L of colostrum to newborn calves. Calf feeders are commonly advised to use an esophageal feeder for calves that do not volantrily consume a full dose of colostrum form a nipple bottle.


J.A Elizondo-Salazar, C. M. Jones, and A. J. Heinrichs, PAS-  Department of Dairy and Animal Science, The Pennsylvania State University